Thursday, July 23, 2009

Play Date

Ok, so I stole some of these from Camille. But they are just so cute, I had to. Went over to Camille's tonight for a play date with Avery and her friend Michelle and her little one Ryder. Had a lot of fun. My head wasn't all there, but it still made my night great. It kept me busy and I love seeing the little ones playing. Ryder is a hoot. He's already all over the place. Avery is a little player and already have all the boys drooling over her, literally. lol Thanks for a good night Camille and for opening your house to us :)

Aivan wanted whatever Avery had

He thought this was pretty funny

The boys "fighting"over Avery

Having a good ole time

Smirking at Aunt Camille

Ryder giving Avery a love tap

My handsome man

Avery eating her din din
Josh started his Army Ranger training today. We both were unsure on how the communication would be. This is suppose to be the hardest training in the Army. They take the elite of the elite and are very demanding of them. So all night I waited for my usual calls, and they didn't come. So who knows when I will talk to him again. I am praying that he will get to call on weekends or else this is going to make for a very long 4 weeks. So, I wasn't so much myself this evening but Camille, Michelle and the kids made the time pass fast and made it a good time. I hope I will get to hear from my handsome husband soon.

Rocking Baby

Aivan took his first "real" crawl yesterday...I didn't have my camera with me. So now everytime he gets up on all 4's I hurry up and start recording but all I have caught so far is him rocking. I'm going to catch him one of these days!!! And I sent these to Daddy :) Made his day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

6 month photos

I know I am a little late getting these 6 month photos done, but I still got them while he was 6 months old. haha. They turned out good. He had fallen and hit his head and then he was a crabster after that so thankfully we had gotten a few good ones. I think they turned out pretty cute.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

No, no, no puppy....

Aivan has picked up shaking his head no. And when he first started I was wondering where he got it from until I caught myself shaking and saying no no to the dogs. And sometimes to him. Funny stuff!

Daddy is home...and now he is gone

Wow! What a wonderful week. I'm so sad that it's all over. It went by way too fast. Josh has been and always will be the only person that make me feel so relaxed and care free. I love him so much and can't wait for this next month and a half to pass. I hope it goes by fast. Aivan remember daddy :) When Josh is gone I always show pictures and play a video and a voice recording for Aivan. And it works. He's never scared of him. And instantly bonds with him when he sees him. He doesn't do that for anyone else. It's such a beautiful thing to see them together. Melts my heart. I can't believe how much Aivan learned to do while Josh was here. It's almost like he was showing off. Daddy look what I can do. :) He shakes his head "No,no, no" He said Mama. He is a full time sippy cup drinker. He is eating toast for breakfast. He can pull himself up on the couch. he scoots. Now that he is pretty mobile...I can't leave him alone for long at all. He reaches for people that he wants to hold him and turns away when he doesn't want them to hold him. I seriously can't believe it. My baby book was open this whole time because every day I had to mark something else down. Josh was so proud. At first he didn't believe me that these were new things bc Aivan would do them so easily. And then I would freak out and be like omg big boy!!!! and clap. everytime he did something new I would get all teary eyed. I'm one proud mama. We went out on a date. That was a blast!! Saw the hangover. I laughed so hard. We made out like teenagers :) We went to a dbacks game. But we were only there for the 1st inning because my friend Katie's son Gunnar got hit in the head with a home run ball hit by Justin Upton. That was a pretty crazy night. But he is doing AWESOME. Such a strong little boy. And we spent time with our families. Just so much fun. Today was hard. Last night we stayed up all night just talking and drinking. Not wanting it all to end. And we kept telling eachother that it won't be hard to say goodbye bc it's for a short time this time. But once we got to the airport, both our tears started flowing. And then I came home and he left me a note on the bath room mirror, so then I started crying again. And then a secret message that popped up on my phone. I love that man so much. It's just crazy how happy he makes me. Well, here are the pics from his trip here...I can't post them all there are far too many but I will post my faves :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love my NEW hair!!!

Please don't look at my face...NO MAKE UP!! lol

Oh tonight was so much fun!!! Camille and Avery came over to have some wine and give me a little make over so I look hot for my hubby!!!!! The kids were really good during the whole process. I was kind of scared at first having them there cause I thought they would cry the whole time but they were really good. Towards the end they did get a little loud, but it was funny bc one would be quiet and the other would scream and they would switch places. It made us laugh. My hair turned out so awesome, I am in love with it!!!! Thank you so much Camille, I feel like a new woman. I can't wait to show Josh. I always have such a blast with Camille and Avery :) Tomorrow has finally come!!! Can't wait to see my hubby!!